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Aguirre Law, APC continues Gary Aguirre’s approach to the practice of law: a commitment to excellence in representing each client, the ability to innovate legal solutions tailored to the client’s needs, and the courtroom skills to achieve a successful result (see Aguirre Bio).

The firm offers its services to institutions and individuals who have been harmed by any of the many forms of conduct which violate state or federal securities laws. This of course includes classic investment fraud, where the investor has been misled by a public company, broker, adviser, mutual fund or anyone to whom he or she entrusted his or her assets (See Investment Fraud). It also includes the more ingenious schemes by hedge funds and private equity firms to cheat their own investors and other market participants (See Hedge Fund Fraud). The firm is also on the cutting edge in representing those harmed by market abuse where injury is inflicted through a securities exchange. Finally, the firm has become especially innovative in finding remedies for those harmed by market abuse, such as naked shorting or high frequency trading, where the unlawful conduct is invisibly consummated over securities exchanges (See Market Abuse).

The firm also represents whistleblowers seeking rewards for reporting unlawful conduct to government (See Whistleblowing) and whistleblowers in financial institutions and public companies who have suffered unlawful reprisals (See Whistleblowing Overview).

The firm's narrow focus keeps its expertise on the cutting edge in ways that best serve the interests of the clients it represents. Learning how financial institutions cheat investors from whistleblowers also helps the firm more effectively represent its investor clients who are victimized by similar deceptive devices. Likewise, gaining expertise in financial fraud by representing investors helps the firm better represent its whistleblower clients who report financial fraud to government. This singularity and clarity of focus was the hallmark of Mr. Aguirre's prior law firm, Aguirre & Eckmann, which was the leading law firm in California in its field, according to California Lawyer Magazine.

Because of the firm’s singularity and clarity of purpose, Mr. Aguirre continuously refines his grasp of the changing dynamics that affect the financial industry and securities regulation. He is therefore better able to serve the firm’s clients. Not surprisingly, Mr. Aguirre is frequently asked to share his views regarding the financial industry and its regulation on national and international television and radio, by financial industry journalists, at industry conferences, and in publications for securities
attorneys. (See News & Events)

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