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October 3, 2022.
Aguirre Law moves for summary judgment to obtain records of unlawful conduct by VA officials. 

April 20, 2021.
The complaint we filed on January 15, 2021, has triggered an inquiry of the Veterans Administration by Senator Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The inquiry focuses on the release of market-sensitive data during the trading day that may have been used for insider trading. The First Amended Complaint with exhibits is available here.

30 October, 2018
The San Diego Press Club awarded first place in its 45th Annual Excellence in Journalism Award in the Magazine—Business & Financial article section to Gary Aguirre's article, Blockchain for Securities Trading: Black Swan or In-house Pet?, published in Wall Street Lawyer.

17 October, 2018
Pro Publica quotes Gary Aguirre in its recent article, Pump and Trump.

September 2018
At the Global Community Leadership Summit in San Francisco, Gary Aguirre gives update on SEC policies and regulations affecting ICOs, STOs, and crypto-securities.

June 2018
At Synergy Blockchain Summit in Silicon Valley, Gary Aguirre appears as Satoshi Nakamoto and explains how Wall Street Banks and their regulators are perverting blockchain technology.

May 2018
Gary Aguirre to speak at Blockchain Law Summit 2018 in Los Angeles, on May 24.

March 2018
Mr. Aguirre is recognized by San Diego Magazine as one of the 2018 Top Lawyers in San Diego.

February 12, 2018
Mr. Aguirre's expert analysis for Law360 explains how whistleblowers receiving awards from the SEC and CFTC under the Dodd-Frank Act just dodged a deadly tax bullet.

January 2018
Wall Street Lawyer publishes Mr. Aguirre's article: Blockchain in Securities Trading: Black Swan or In-House Pet.

December 14, 2017
SEC denies FOIA request for records relating to blockchain Alternative Trading System (ATS).

May 23, 2017
Writing an expert analysis for Law360, Mr. Aguirre explains how U.S. Supreme Court decisions dismembered the giant oak tree that sheltered the investing public from Wall Street fraud and manipulation.

May 17, 2016
Gary Aguirre discusses the consequences of the Supreme Court's decision in Merrill Lynch v. Manning in Bloomberg.com.

April 27, 2016
Gary Aguirre will speak about Ethics and Transparency in a panel at the Financial Crisis Conference held by the National Center for Policy Analysis at the University of Texas in Dallas.

March 22, 2016
The SEC links administrative proceeding against Merrill Lynch to the naked short selling of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.

18 September, 2015
Susan Antilla
interviews Gary Aguirre regarding whistleblower fired by Vanguard Group. 

30 April, 2015
Mr. Aguirre speaks at the 13th corporate Governance Conference at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas in Dallas: If the SEC Comes Calling, Which of Its Faces Will Knock at the Door

3 April 2015
The Huffington Post discusses Mr. Aguirre’s efforts as an SEC attorney to investigate one of Wall Street’s elite for insider trading.

March 2015
Mr. Aguirre is recognized by San Diego Magazine as one of the 2015 Top Lawyers in San Diego.

27 February 2015
California Assembly resolution honors Mr. Aguirre for serving on the original of Task Force for the Davis-Stirling Act.

18 February 2015
Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi quotes Mr. Aguirre in article about whistleblowers

17 October 2014
Mr. Aguirre gives the keynote address at the National Employment Lawyers’ Associations National Conference in Washington, DC

14 August 2014
San Diego Reader discusses whistleblower complaint filed by Mr. Aguirre with the SEC on Sempra Energy’s operations in Mexico

28 May 2014
Mr. Aguirre represents Mark Mitchell in his lawsuit against the SEC under FOIA to get records of naked short selling.

15 April 2014
Law360 reports on case filed by Mr. Aguirre against Schwab unit over naked short sales.

12 April 2014
Mr. Aguirre and Larry Doyle, author of the recently published In Bed with Wall Street and former securities trader, will be the guests at It's Your Money at KFMB 760 AM San Diego.

March 2014
Mr. Aguirre is recognized by San Diego Magazine as one of the 2014 Top Lawyers in San Diego.

14 January 2014
Notre Dame University places Mr. Aguirre's Berges Lecture, "Whistleblowing: when the government does not like the tune," on YouTube.

14 January 2014
West LegalEdcenter will host Mr. Aguirre’s webinar on The Crackdown on Insider Trading: How It Started and Where It Is Going

18 November 2013
Mr. Aguirre makes a presentation, Whistleblowing: When the Government Doesn’t Like the Tune, in the John A. Berges Lecture Series in Business Ethics at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business.

18 November 2013
Mr. Aguirre makes presentation, The SEC, Insider Trading & an “Ideal Opportunity Squandered, at the University of Notre Dame Law School.

November 2013
Mr. Aguirre is recognized as one of Southern California’s "Top Rated Lawyers" by American Lawyer Media and Martindale Hubbell.

6 November 2013
Mr. Aguirre will participate on a panel, Avoiding Liability from Retaliation & Whistleblowing Claims, at the 30th Annual Employment Round Table of Southern California

21 October, 2013
Wall Street Lawyer publishes Mr. Aguirre's article A Tale of Two Frauds, Part II. Naked Shorting Since the Financial Crisis: Regulator’s Little Secret.

8 September, 2013
Fortune Magazine uses Mr. Aguirre's case to exemplify the need for a strong SEC. 

21 August 2013
Mr. Aguirre explains to an international audience on RTTV’s Prime Interest why the six-year crackdown on insider trading has been mislabeled as a “crackdown on Wall Street.”

10 August 2013
Mr. Aguirre was scheduled as the only plaintiff’s whistleblower to serve on the panel, “Blowing the Whistle under Dodd-Frank — an Update,” at the 2013 Annual ABA Meeting in San Francisco, Other participants included former SEC Commissioner A. Paredes, moderator, and  the Regional Director at the SEC Los Angeles Regional Office, Michele Wein Layne, panelist.

25 July 2013
Mr. Aguirre comments on causes and effects of SAC Capital's indictment on CBS-MoneyWatch.

21 August 2013
Wall Street Lawyer publishes Mr. Aguirre's article on the government's crackdown on insider trading, A Tale of Two Frauds: Part I; the SEC, Insider Trading & an "Ideal Opportunity Squandered."

20 June 2013
Wall Street Journal’s MoneyBeat article, Life Partners Alleges Illegal Short-Selling of Its Stock, discusses whistleblower complaint filed by Mr. Aguirre with SEC on behalf of CEO of public company.

May-June 2013
Bloomberg, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone and Forbes, report on Furey v. SEC, a case filed by Mr. Aguirre on behalf of SEC attorney Kathleen Furey who blew the whistle on her supervisors’ decisions not to enforce two of the securities acts.

11 April 2013
The Government Accountability Project publishes Mr. Aguirre's article regarding Unfair Tax Liability for Whistleblower Awards under Dodd-Frank.

29 March 2013
CBS News interviews Mr. Aguirre regarding the SEC fining $616 million to SAC Capital.

March 2013
Mr. Aguirre is recognized by San Diego Magazine as one of the 2013 Top Lawyers in San Diego.

25 January 2013
The Wall Street Journal quotes Mr. Aguirre in its article The Six Degrees of Mary Jo White.

25 January 2013
Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone quotes Mr. Aguirre in his article titled Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox In Charge of Hen House

17 January 2013
The San Diego Reader quotes Mr. Aguirre on the possible appointment of Mary Jo White as SEC Chairman: " Obama is not going to clean up financial corruption by pinning a sheriff's badge on Wall Street's protector-in-chief."

November 2012
Mr. Aguirre is recognized as one of Southern California’s "Top Rated Lawyers" by American Lawyer Media and Martindale Hubbell.

27 October 2012
KUSI San Diego interviews Mr. Aguirre about the law suit filed by the Justice Department against Bank of America.

15 September 2012
Mr. Aguirre speaks with RIA Novosti (one of Russia’s largest news agencies) why there have been no prosecutions of Wall Street elite since the 2008 financial crisis. 

22 August 2012
Mr. Aguirre tells the LA Times how the SEC’s practice of using outside lawyers to investigate whistleblower complaints under the Dodd-Frank Act shows "how the SEC has basically yanked the teeth out of the tiger that Congress gave them."

17 July 2012
Mr. Aguirre appears on Channel 6-XETV San Diego to discuss the recent allegations of investor fraud in Peregrine Financial case and the Government’s failure to enforce the securities acts against Wall Street.

28 June 2012
Mr. Aguirre discusses the 5-4 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the Health Care Reform Act on Fox News TV San Diego.

30 April 2012
Mr. Aguirre will offer his perspective on Bad Decision-Making by Regulators and Wall Street: Past and Present at the Association of Business Trial Attorneys Dinner Program.

16 March 2012  
Mr. Aguirre served as a panelist on, Whistleblowers & the Press: Roles and Risks in Divulging Information Needed for Accountable Government, during Sunshine Week 2012 in Washington, D.C.  

12 January 2012
The Washington Post article, Bribery probe relied heavily on firm's own inquiry, FBI memos show, reports on the SEC and DOJ practice of outsourcing their investigations of whistleblower complaints of securities violations to law firms retained by the subjects of those investigations.

December 2011
Wall Street Lawyer reports on the findings and recommendations by the SEC Inspector General upholding the allegations of SEC whistleblower Darcy Flynn, Mr. Aguirre's client, that the SEC unlawfully destroyed federal records when it conducted matters under inquiry.

27 November 2011
Mr. Aguirre discusses on Its Your Money how lax regulatory enforcement ushered in the 2008 financial crisis and may do so again.

17 November 2011
The Economist article, Year of the bounty hunter, Whistleblowing will become a global industry, cites one of Mr. Aguirre’s cases as trend setting.

9 November 2011
Mr. Aguirre participates on panel discussing The Financial Crisis: What is the Role of Government in Regulating Wall Street?, presented by the San Diego Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society. See Mr. Aguirre’s PowerPoint presentation.

2 November 2011
Washington Post article, SEC Misled Archives on Destroying Records, Inspector General Finds, summarizes findings by SEC Inspector General upholding allegations by whistleblower Darcy Flynn, Mr. Aguirre’s client, that SEC unlawfully destroyed federal records when it conducted matters under inquiry. 

31 October 2011
Smart Money cites Mr. Aguirre’s views in its article, 10 Things the SEC Won't Tell You.

27 October 2011
Infovest21 News interviews Mr. Aguirre, Speaking with Gary Aguirre about Insider Trading, why recent SEC insider trading case against Galleon and investigation of SAC Capital are game changers.

8 October 2011
Wall Street Journal article, SEC Cop to Back Whistleblower's Claim, tells of Mr. Aguirre’s success in getting the SEC’s Inspector General to back the allegations of Mr. Aguirre’s whistleblower-client (Darcy Flynn).

27 September 2011
Mr. Aguirre spoke at the “kickoff event” of the American Whistleblower Tour sponsored by the Governmental Accountability Project at the University of Nebraska.

13 September 2011
Mr. Aguirre is the keynote speaker at the Fall 2011 ACA Compliance Conference at Scottsdale, AZ.  See PowerPoint presentation.

12 September 2011
Mr. Aguirre is on a panel (Raising the Shareholder Threshold, Proposed Exemptions, and the Likely Impact on the Secondary Market) at the Private Company Stock Conference 2011 sponsored by DealFlow Media in New York.

10 September 2011
Corporate Crime Reporter interviews Mr. Aguirre on why the SEC goes soft on Wall Street.

9 September 2011
The Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Hour interviews Mr. Aguirre regarding the significance of the SEC’s destruction of its investigative case files.

7 September 2011
The Wall Street Journal article, SEC Shifts Tack on Document Destruction Amid Whistleblower Threat, reports the SEC freezes record destruction after Mr. Aguirre tells agency "we may need to seek injunctive relief."

25 August 2011
The Washington Post article, SEC Letter Draws Concern about Policy of Purging Records, discusses Mr. Aguirre's letter to Senator Grassley regarding the SEC's unlawful destruction of investigative files.

17 August 2011
Matt Taibbi's article, Is the SEC Covering up Wall Street Crimes?, in Rolling Stone Magazine focuses on Mr. Aguirre's letter to Congress on behalf of his client, Darcy Flynn, which blows the whistle on the SEC's destruction of investigative files and its mysterious closure of a "slum dunk" case against Deutsche Bank's CEO.

8 August 2011
Dow Jones reporter Suzanne Barlyn interviews Mr. Aguirre about SEC practice permitting financial institutions and public companies to investigate themselves.

8 August 2011
Dow Jones Reporter Suzanne Barlyn interviews Mr. Aguirre about enforceability of confidentiality agreements against whistleblowers who report securities violations to the SEC.

8 August 2011
Dow Jones reporter Suzanne Barlyn interviews Mr. Aguirre on the factors a whistleblower should consider in deciding whether to report a securities violation to the SEC.

18 May 2011
Dow Jones News article (SEC Plan To Catch Big Fish Questioned) quotes Mr. Aguirre: “So long as the SEC is run by attorneys who are on sabbatical [from Wall Street], the mentality and culture aren’t going to change.”

13 May 2011
Tom Blair’s column in San Diego Union quotes Mr. Aguirre’s 2006 testimony before a U.S. Senate committee describing how large hedge funds routinely engage in insider trading, five years before the Galleon conviction proved the practice.

28 April 2011
Mat Taibbi’s article, The Real Housewives of Wall Street, in Rolling Stone Magazine quotes Mr. Aguirre on how the Federal Reserve has concealed bailout fraud.

13 April 2011
Mr. Aguirre serves on a panel analyzing the causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis following a screening of the film Inside Job at Chapman University School of Law’s Center for Global Law and Development

12 April 2011
Michelle Quinn’s article, Companies want looser regs for IPOs, quotes Mr. Aguirre on the risks of deregulation of IPOs in the context of the deregulation that led to the 2008 financial crisis.

15 March 2011
Bloomberg Business Week's article, Four People Who Get Why Wall Street Can Scoff, quotes Mr. Aguirre on how to fix the SEC so it will do its job.

12 March 2011
Radio Netherlands Worldwide interviews Mr. Aguirre on Wall Street Impunity.

16 February 2011
Matt Taibbi’s article (Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?) in Rolling Stone Magazine quotes Mr. Aguirre extensively on why Wall Street executives avoided criminal prosecution for unlawful conduct causing financial crisis. Cenk Uygur interviews Mr. Taibbi on MSNBC on the same subject.

28 January 2011
Mr. Aguirre spoke on the whistleblower incentives under the Dodd-Frank Act during a symposium on “From Wall Street to Main Street: The Future of Financial Regulation” at the Chapman University Law School’s Center for Global Law and Development. See video of presentation (Mr. Aguirre’s comments begin at 36 minutes).

4 January 2011
Fortune-CNN Money quotes Mr. Aguirre regarding the legality of Facebook stock trading on the secondary markets.

17 December 2010
David Brancaccio interviews Mr. Aguirre on NPR’s Market Place  on "How should whistleblowers be protected?"  under the new whistleblower incentive provisions in the Dodd-Frank Act.

16 December 2010
Mr. Aguirre explains on Bloomberg TV  the significance of recent arrests of executives from “expert networks.”  

16 September 2010  
Rep. Darrell Issa and POGO's Angela Canterbury  repeatedly cite Mr. Aguirre’s article  at the Congressional hearing  as reasons to repeal Dodd-Frank Act provision granting SEC broad FOIA exemption. Congress quickly passes repeal bill and President signs it.  

15 September 2010
 Rep. Darrel Issa releases to Fox Business News  his letter to Mary Schapiro on the SEC’s new FOIA exemption, which repeatedly cites Mr. Aguirre’s article.  

7 September 2010
Mr. Aguirre publishes an article  in Wall Street Lawyer arguing Section 929I of the Dodd-Frank Act creates “A FOIA Exemption for SEC Misconduct.”

28 July, 2010
Mr. Aguirre explains on Fox Business News  why the SEC’s broad exemption from FOIA under the Dodd-Frank Act disserves the public’s interest in government transparency.  

30 June 2010
The New York Times  reports Mr. Aguirre’s settlement with the SEC is “the largest disclosed by the Merit Systems Protection Board.”  

28 May 2010
 Mr. Aguirre discusses on Bloomberg TV  how the SEC’s lax enforcement of the securities laws against hedge funds encouraged institutional insider trading like that described in the charges against Galleon.

27 May 2010
The New York Times  reports Pequot will pay $28 million to settle SEC insider trading charges:  “Today’s announcement bears out what the S.E.C. lawyer Gary Aguirre argued so many years ago,” [Senator Charles Grassley] added. “He lost his job because he spoke out against his supervisors putting up roadblocks to an aggressive investigation of Pequot.”

27 May 2010
Forbes  explains Mr. Aguirre’s role in the largest SEC recovery against a hedge fund for insider trading:  “[A]fter Aguirre dredged up the smoking gun e-mails and passed them along to the Senate, the FBI and the SEC in late 2008, the SEC reopened the case in January 2009.”

4 February 2009
Bloomberg News publishes Mr. Aguirre’s article, SEC’s Madoff Miss Fits Pattern Set With Pequot.

17 December 2008
On NPR’s All Things Considered, Mr. Aguirre explains how the rotating door between Wall Street and the SEC created the conditions necessary for the Madoff scheme to flourish.  

6 October 2008
Good Morning America interviews Mr. Aguirre about the SEC giving “preferential treatment” to a Wall Street CEO.
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October 2008
San Diego Magazine interviews Mr. Aguirre about the risk that credit default swaps will cause a market meltdown.

29 September 2008
Mr. Aguirre’s projections on the costs of the bailout are cited on the floor of the House during the debate over TARP.

28 September 2008
Mr. Aguirre circulated an email to the leadership of key Congressional committees describing why the “bailout bill” is “Main Street’s Gift to Wall Street.”

18 September 2008
Mr. Aguirre anchors a debate team at the Sibos conference, one of the world’s largest banking conferences, on the causes of the financial crisis. 

August 2008
San Diego Magazine profiles Mr. Aguirre.

28 April 2008
Mr. Aguirre wins his FOIA case  against SEC.  US Judge finds “reasonable person would believe that the alleged Government [SEC] impropriety might have occurred” and orders SEC to release its Pequot investigation files to Mr. Aguirre.

14 March 2008
To avoid global meltdown, the Federal Reserve intervenes to save Bear Stearns from imminent collapse due to its overvalued subprime debt and exposure on $2.5 trillion in credit defaults swaps, the two risks which Mr. Aguirre predicted one month earlier.   

13 February 2008
One month before Bear Stearns collapses, Mr. Aguirre’s letter warns the Senate Banking Committee the nation’s banks, and Bear Stearns in particular, are at risk due to off-the-balance-sheet exposure in subprime debt and “$42 trillion in CDS [which] differ little from gambling.”

January 2008
San Diego Magazine lists Mr. Aguirre among the Fifty People to Watch in 2008.

19 October 2007
As the key note speaker, Mr. Aguirre warns a Wall Street audience of 800 that the dynamics that caused the 1929 crash, market abuse and overleveraging, are unchecked by regulators and rampant in the capital markets.  See slides of presentation.  

18 September 2007
In a published interview, Mr. Aguirre warns that regulators’ reliance on “counter-party discipline” to protect the capital markets is a flawed theory and the dynamics that caused the 1929 crash are again in place.

4 August 2007
The New York Times reports that two Senate Committees validate Mr. Aguirre’s allegations of SEC misconduct.

3 August 2007
In 108-page report, the Senate Finance and Judiciary Committees conclude Mr. Aguirre’s allegations are true: senior SEC officials gave preferential treatment to Morgan Stanley’s CEO and then discharged Mr. Aguirre when he questioned their decision.  The two Committees recommend the SEC make major structural changes.

13 April 2007
David Brancaccio interviews Mr. Aguirre on PBS’s Now  regarding the SEC’s preferential treatment of Wall Street elite.

24 January 2007
As key note speaker at the Institutional Investor Legal Forum on Hedge Funds, Mr. Aguirre discusses how market abuse by hedge funds undermines investor confidence in the capital markets.

5 December 2006
Mr. Aguirre testifies  before the Senate Judiciary Committee how the SEC gave preferential treatment to Morgan Stanley’s CEO in a major insider trading investigation, discharged him for questioning that decision, and then tried to cover its tracks.    

28 June 2006
Mr. Aguirre testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee how lax SEC enforcement of securities laws against investment banks and hedge funds allows them to engage in “invisible fraud and manipulation” as they did in the years before the 1929 Crash.


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