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The careful evaluation of an attorney’s qualifications to represent an individual or institution in a complex financial dispute has never been more important.

It is no secret that financial disputes are becoming increasingly complex. To begin with, the products themselves have become more complex, including those purchased by retail investors. New legislation, e.g., the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank Act, have also changed the rules or empowered federal agencies to change them in the future. Additionally, financial transactions sometimes cross borders raising questions which court system has jurisdiction or which country’s laws should be applied.

Identifying the dynamics shaping the financial disputes helps define the skill set of the attorney needed to resolve them. Those skills should include a deep grasp of the relevant law, finance and accounting, but also the skill to communicate complicated concepts in ways understandable to a judge, mediator/arbitrator, or jury.

Gary Aguirre has unique qualifications to assist individuals and institutions that are locked into complicated financial disputes. He has a deep grasp of the accounting concepts, financial instruments and laws at the heart of these complicated problems. He holds a second law degree (an LL.M.) focused on securities, financial regulation and international law. He has successfully represented clients for years in complicated financial transactions in private practice and, as an SEC Senior Counsel, on major securities cases involving Fannie Mae, large public companies, hedge funds and Wall Street banks.

Mr. Aguirre writes about the changing financial laws in professional and academic law journals. He also speaks about financial regulation at national and international conferences for financial professionals and securities attorneys. He is frequently interviewed on these same subjects on national TV and radio programs designed for the lay audience. (See News & Events)

As his track record tells (See Aguirre Bio), Mr. Aguirre has honed the skills for communicating complex facts to judges, mediators, and juries in ways that are understandable and convincing.   

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